Tree Associates is one of the few firms in the nation with a Picus 3 Sonic Tomograph. This tool greatly upgrades our tree risk assessment capability. By measuring the velocity of sound waves traveling through the tree, this tool provides accurate maps of tree cross sections showing internal defects such as cavities, decay or cracks (see images below and Picus 3 demonstration video).

The Picus Sonic Tomograph is non-invasive (unlike other methods) and allows for the monitoring of defects over time. The information provided by this advanced tool provides a far more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the internal structure of trees than commonly used resistance drilling methods. Additional information regarding sonic tomography can be found on the following website.

Sonic Tomography
Figure 1. Tapping on a nail with the electronic hammer to generate sound waves,
which are received by the sensors. The field computer can be seen in the bottom of the image.

Sonic Tomography
Figure 2. Tomograph image on left, trunk cross-section on right.

Sonic Tomography
Figure 3. Tomograph image on left, trunk cross-section on right.

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