tree radar unit analysis of a walkway Tree Associates Inc., is one of the few companies that own a Tree Radar Unit (TRU) which utilizes ground penetrating radar to map decay and locate tree roots in a non-invasive manner. Being one of the first users of and conducting grant-funded research with this cutting-edge technology has given Tree Associates Inc., an intimate knowledge of this tool’s capabilities.

Typically, Arborists drill into trees to assess the extent of decay, potentially spreading existing decay or introducing new decay organisms into the tree (Schwarze, F. ©2008). Locations to drill are determined by examining the exterior of the tree for possible clues to its interior condition. The use of TRU allows for a holistic, non-invasive and tree-safe means of mapping decay within the trunk and limbs of trees.

tree radar unit Traditionally, examining tree roots was only possible through tedious and costly excavation. TRU, by analyzing the reflection of radar waves, rapidly determines root location and depth – even below concrete or asphalt. This information is critical for identifying and managing root damage to foundations, streets and driveways. In addition, since effective tree preservation requires an understanding of root location, TRU can be utilized to determine a tree protection zone based on actual root location rather than a guess.

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tree radar unit analysis of a valley oak
John utilizing our TreeRadar Unit to scan the trunk of a mature valley oak in Sacramento. The TreeRadar Unit utilizes ground penetrating radar to non-invasively map decay in trees. It can also be used to locate tree roots, even through concrete.

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