falling trees warning Trees are hazardous when they fall or lose limbs, resulting in personal injury or property damage. Tree Associates Inc. assists property owners, managers and others in developing Tree Risk Management Programs, which are useful in reducing the risk involved with trees in urbanized areas. A comprehensive Tree Risk Management Program includes Tree Risk Assessment, risk abatement, record keeping and training.

Tree Risk Assessment involves a systematic identification of structural defects within the canopy, trunk and/or roots of trees, assigning the likelihood of failure and potential consequences of failure of the tree or its parts. In many cases aerial inspection, root crown examination, or investigation to determine the extent of decay may be necessary to complete the assessment. Tree Associates Inc. utilizes Sonic Tomography (Picus 3) and resistance drilling to map trunk decay.

Where many trees are being managed under limited budgets, the tree risk ratings we provide may be used to prioritize risk abatement. Abatement options include pruning, cabling, bracing, tree removal, and target removal or modification.

Primary Clients: Insurance Professionals, Homeowners Associations, Property Owners, and Public Entities

operatint the TreeRadar Unit
John utilizing our TreeRadar Unit to scan the trunk of a mature valley oak in Sacramento, CA. The TreeRadar Unit utilizes ground penetrating radar to non-invasively map decay in trees. It can also be used to locate tree roots, even through concrete.

risk assessment on a valley oak tree
John excavated the soil at the base of the trunk (a root crown excavation) of this coast redwood on the UC Davis campus and discovered many roots were dead which provided support for his recommendation to remove the tree.

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